Monday, August 30, 2010

Genio Trading cards

Fanned, and prolonged, our hero struts along, pinching out an honest ability equal to only man's comprehension. Having found his dearest companion, regal actions must be taken.. Forlongest I showl.. But today, I rename; a Champion!
"Some sort of 'Bagel-Reeganner'"
- Euclid 18410

Sunday, August 29, 2010


 "Give me the whole story!" 
-Some "Masked Murderer".
Our society has marked propensity for sloth and procrastination, for I wish to hear the whole story! We will see in further readings of his latest novel "Give us the Greats!" will enlighten you like it has inspired me to do wonderful things! When my great aunt Paupply told me the story about my ancestors, my lungs lost compasity to breath - because I was under the influence of some sort of "Loshin", frequently departed.

Faux-Taunted 'leviathan'.

For the longest of time, I depicted myself as a good.. Honest person trying to make a living for myself. Throughout the years life has been more decrepit then a horse's food. 
 "Give me good life, great spartan."
-Willian D. Roache